Static flux chambers

For samples from vented surfaces such as aerated windrow composting, biofilters, and aeration tanks such as DAF, etc. as recommended in standards EN13725 and VDI 3880

This static flux chamber makes it possible to take very precise samples from any surface source with very low exhaust rates such as aerated windrow composting with forced aeration, biofilter surface emissions, and liquid-filled tanks such as Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) tanks, aerated lagoons, etc


The static chamber covers a specific section of the surface to be characterized (196 inches² or 0.125 m²) and thus enables accurate and easy evaluation of the airflow from any surface.

Air emitted from the surface with a slow rate of emission seeps out and gradually fills the static flux chamber that can then be sampled in a matter of moments using the additional SamplingExpert © equipment.

The diameter of the upper tubing has been adapted to comply with all the requirements of the US EPA standards, in particular, it makes it possible to respect laminar flow conditions with a constant speed from the base surface and gradually into the chamber. With a total height of 103 cm, the upper tubing is equipped with a 1/4 inch NPT connection exactly 20 cm under the upper outlet diameter, which makes it possible to take samples while respecting surface emission conditions whatever the weather conditions outside.

Given the area ratios between the base of the static chamber and the section of upper tubing, there is no dynamic overpressure applied when the static chamber is set.

The reasonable size of this stainless steel static chamber and its low weight (3 kg) make it ideal for carrying out surface emission assessments of both odors and all types of chemical compounds.

When chemical neutrality and ease of use are combined, work time is quickly reduced, but the requirements of the most demanding laws and regulations are met.

Surface area:  0.125 m2

Total height: 103.5 cm

Total weight: 3020 g.

Material: SS16 stainless steel


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