Designed according to nuclear industry standards

Designed according to nuclear industry standards, the SOL600 is quite simply the best stationary olfactometer. Highly customized and made of stainless steel, it will make your laboratory’s reputation. Its revolutionary technology lets you perform analyses of unparalleled reliability in record time. This tool is truly the most precise and the fastest on the market. The SOL600 adapts to all international standards: EN 13725, ASTM E679-04, AS 4323.3, NVN 2820, VDI 3881, and GB/T 14675-93. The SOL600 has six stations for panel members for simultaneous analysis of odors, in order to reduce test time. Each station is equipped with a Siemens touchscreen and three stainless steel sniffing ports to enable triangular analyses.

image04If the SOL600 is by far the most technologically advanced olfactometer, it is because of the choice of the most advanced components and the unique way in which they are assembled:

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