SOL300 – The mobile olfactometer by excellence


Weighing less than 13 kg, the SOL300 is truly an olfactometer that you can take with you on site. It is versatile and meets all the main standards: EN 13725, ASTM E679-04, AS 4323.3, NVN 2820, and VDI 3881.

The SOL300 is made up of two modules each enclosed in its own highly secure, shock-proof case. The first module includes the SOL300 olfactometer’s touchscreen control panel, the separation panel, and the sniffing station which also has a Siemens touchscreen. The second module encloses the pneumatic equipment enabling a mixture of air and the dilution of samples.

The SOL300 is controlled by a Siemens software solution that provides security and absolute reliability. The very user-friendly multilingual tactile interface allows the test operator and jury members to concentrate on the sample analysis in progress.

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