nButanol Kit


The OEi n-Butanol Sensitivity Kit is designed to provide accurate N-butanol mixtures of 5 to 50 ppm from a liquid n-butanol source. The n-butanol mixture can then be used to screen panelists using the UPO100 or any other OlfactoExpert’s olfactometer in accordance to the EN13725 standard. The mixture is accurate and repeatable thanks to the fixed volume evaporation chamber,micro-liter syringe, and pre-purged Tedlar bag.



Every odour regulations require the screening of the panelists using diluted n-butanol samples.Until now, the only available source of diluted n-butanol sample was to purchase pre-mixed pressurized cylinders. The cylinders were cumbersome to transport, required special permit and storage facility, and would only be accurate in dilution if shaken or rolled just before use.


The OEi n-Butanol Sensitivity Kit provides an easy and reliable solution for creating exact n-butanol samples that can be used for panelist screening. Liquid n-butanol is mixed with clean odorless air at a fixed ratio using a glass micro-syringe and a stainless steel evaporation chamber.

Easy transportation and storage, longer expiration period, variable concentration.

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