Dynamic flux chambers

Dynamic Flux Chamber OEi450


The EOi450 Flux chamber (a.k.a Emission Isolation Flux Hood) is used to determine levels of emissions from solid or liquid surfaces. The OEi450 has a 100% solid stainless steel construction to ensure zero cross contamination. Flotation is achieved using 4 stainless steel floats eliminating the need for rubber tubes or foam making the unit easy to clean and maintain.

The OEi450 is set up to enclose a surface area of 240 Sq Inches or 0.155 Sq meters in accordance to the EPA Recommendations. Odourless air (sweep air) is introduced to the chamber at a known flow rate (Recommended 3.875 LPM) to mix with the emissions. Sample is then drawn from the flux chamber at lower rate using a sampling device.


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