Diagnosis and impact

Provide an objective, quantified representation of odor emissions and precisely assess the related olfactory impacts—this is the mission of our olfactory diagnoses and related odor impact studies.

Once the preliminary audit has been concluded, and depending on the strategy developed, our technical teams will propose olfactory quantifications based on good trade practices. Whether the subsequent phase chosen is a diagnosis / impact study duo or a neighborhood committee / public hearings duo, OlfactoExpert always offers top quality equipment in high grade stainless steel:

_DS75133 We are constantly investing in our equipment to decrease performance time so you can save on each of your mandates. With OlfactoExpert, you are guaranteed the best materials on the market as well as substantial savings. It is our vision to democratize olfactometry by making our services available to all types of companies. Once the odor samples have been analyzed, our teams prioritize the sources, analyze the data, and generate level II impact studies, including mapping that makes quantitative and qualitative studies possible. In a few days, our senior consultants will send you their comments and recommendations and offer you personalized support including the required treatment solutions.

At OlfactoExpert, we consider your time to be precious and feel it must be put to good use.

This is why, once the situation has been understood, measured, diagnosed, and validated, we will give you an action plan in which our experts have taken the time to set out all imaginable solutions and alternatives for your perusal. Costs are analyzed and the pros and cons are clearly stated, so that you can make enlightened decisions. For us, democratizing olfactometry also means that you can make the best decisions when you have full knowledge of all the ins and outs of the situation.

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