Audits and measurements

Écoute professionnelle et examen objectif : Nos experts odeur qualifiés vous aident dès la première minute

A preliminary olfactory audit is a key step in taking stock of the situation, determining the roadmap, and optimizing the intervention strategy.

OlfactoExpert will put all its expertise in olfactometry, air quality, flue gas treatment, atmospheric modelling, as well as communications and legal defense to work for you to provide you with the best advice possible. When it comes to odors, OlfactoExpert offers a truly integrated approach!


The first step in odor management is the audit, which makes it possible to exchange knowledge. As we gather information about the odor situation you must manage, we will train you in the concepts of modern olfactometry and share with you some of our expertise, by showing you priorities to consider and by integrating all the necessary technical and scientific data (physical characterizations of sources, temporal variability of emissions, etc.). This will be our basis for establishing the best strategy to achieve your objectives at the lowest cost.

In addition to identifying sources and their parameters, OlfactoExpert provides a first step in prioritizing sources while carrying out the audit using the eMetrics® range of tools which make it possible to start onsite quantification with extraordinary precision. OlfactoExpert is the only consultant in North America to offer this service.

All the data obtained during the audit will be reviewed by our team of consultants in order to integrate all the other components related to odors, from communication channels to potential legal defenses.

When dealing with both the environmental problems of odor nuisances and quantifying air quality parameters, our team of experts will give you practical help based on their successful execution of several thousand similar mandates. Our integrated “à la carte” approach is limited only by your requirements.

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