Management team

Yann H. Contratto

Yann H. Contratto

President and Chief Executive Officer - Senior odor expert

Yann founded OlfactoExpert Inc. in 2012 after twenty years of experience in air quality and olfactometry (the science of odors). CEO of OlfactoExpert, Yann is responsible for the strategic positioning of the company’s solutions, defining consulting mandates, and for the legal opinions offered by the group.

Considered to be a legal expert in olfactometry since 2006, he has acquired solid international forensic experience during his participation in a number of trials, class actions, odor observer committees, public hearings, and regulatory work in the field of odor nuisances. His knowledge of the world market and in-depth technical expertise make him a key actor in modern olfactometry.

Recently graduated from the Management program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yann also holds the degree of Master of Engineering from the Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble.

Scientific team

George Larouche

George Larouche

Ph.D. - Executive director of olfactory research - Senior odor expert

Thirty years’ experience in North America in chemical, microbiological, and olfactometric analyses.

Mr. Larouche is responsible for supervising the group’s analytical outputs and inter-laboratory comparison tests. He ensures the adequacy of the types of samples and analyses required for findings of olfactory nuisances and he also evaluates the toxicological aspects .

Georges also plays a key role in implementing and managing olfactory compliance monitoring for a wide range of product manufacturers; these specialized monitoring mandates include the development of tools as well as protocols, and the determination of criteria of olfactory acceptability.

With a degree in chemical engineering and industrial hygiene from the University of Toronto, Georges has spent most of his career in the United States determining the olfactory perception thresholds of a number of chemical compounds.

Sales team

Yuri C. Emond

Yuri C. Emond

Communication and Marketing Manager

Mr Emond is a leading specialist in Marketing and Communication, and he has written and defined OlfactoExpert newsletters, adds and he is also in charge of press communication and release.

Yuri is also in charge of Tradeshows and foreign developments.

Mary-Lou Monahan

Mary-Lou Monahan

Expert in US Municipal Public Works Market - Business Development Specialist

Mary Louise Monahan works with our team and clients to help plan, design, and implement odor management solutions that meet the regulatory, technical, political, and financial, needs of host communities.

Mary has more than 25 years’ experience in the US public works market.  She is a former municipal administrator, public works director, and project outreach coordinator.

Mary’s expertise includes assisting technical teams respond to the consulting and product needs of US owners and operators of wastewater treatment plants and pump stations, transfer facilities, landfills, composting sites, energy from waste facilities, and other operations where odor management is required.

Mary is an active and respected member of the American and Canadian Public Works Association.  Her professional network includes representatives from state and federal regulatory agencies, officials from local and state governments, and professionals in environmental and civil engineering consulting.